St. Norbert College CS 225 - Machine Organization - 2003
The Projects
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Voice Recognition Technology
Presented by Pete Sola, Gloria Handschke,and Jon Barber

Are you sick of spending all night typing your papers? Are you looking for a fast, easy way to more than double your production in words per minute? If so, then you should come to our presentation on voice recognition technology. We are going to explain the process behind the magic by looking at a variety of topics ranging from history to what the future has in store for voice recognition.

An Introduction to Computer Viruses
Presented by Nick Ptacek

Do you remember when the campus network was shut down at the beginning of the semester? Computer viruses were behind that! I will give an introduction to computer viruses, worms, and trojan horses. I will explain how they infect computers and replicate, as well as ways to defend against them. With the recent deluge of computer viruses, this is a presentation you can't afford to miss!

Linux v Windows: You Have a Choice
Presented by Joshua Domina, Bennett Giesler, and Michael Konicki

Are you sick of your computer crashing because you left it on for more than a day? Fed up with paying tons of money for software with options you don't ever use? We'll introduce you to the Linux world of GNU software, which is open source and free. We'll let you know what's good and what's bad about Linux and Windows and hopefully give you a better idea of what operating system is right for you.

Maya: Behind the Scenes of 3D Imaging
Presented by David Dahlquist, Kami Harris, and Brandon Pufall

My oh Maya! What can you do with it? Ever wonder how all those special effects were created in films? Or how games look so realistic? Take a peek behind the scenes. Find out how 3D images and models are created and animated for games and films using Maya Unlimited and Maya's scripting language, MEL, by Alias|Wavefront.