Voice Recognition

CS225 Presentation by
Jon Barber, Peter Sola, and Gloria Handschke

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Voice Recognition Technology

Voice recognition is an interesting new technology which, over the last few years, has begun to be put to use in a variety of different ways. Programs such as Dragon's NaturallySpeaking allow the user to simply speak into a microphone, and have the words they say control almost every aspect of what happens on the screen. Its main function, however, is to take what is dictated and print it out on the screen, in the form of a word document. This would be extremely useful for users who are handicapped or otherwise disabled, but could also be put to good use in nearly any office in America. As most workers find themselves able to talk considerably faster than they can type, a program with high accuracy could (potentially) dramatically increase production in words per minute, allowing more work to get done than ever before.