Shawn Nett:

Shawn was born in Portage, WI and is currently a junior here at St. Norbert majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Computer Science. Shawn is also a member of the 2006 Midwest Conference championship football program at St. Norbert. With great interest in math and computer science, Shawn hopes to someday work in one of those fields with dreams of making the big bucks. Some of Shawn’s hobbies include water sports, snow sports, card games, and also gaming.

Bryce Hattamer:

Bryce is from Gwinn, Mi and is a junior here majoring in Computer Science and minoring in business. He is a safety for the St. Norbert College Football team and on his free time he enjoys snowboarding, waterskiing, gaming it, and lying in bed for the whole day watching TV. After college Bryce plans on getting a job in the software industry.

John Rappel:

John is from Manitowoc, WI and is currently a sophomore at St. Norbert College majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He lives in 319 VMC. He is a member of the St. Norbert College football team. Johns hobbies include fourwheeling, gaming, sports, and hanging out with friends.