When asked to do a project we thought that pursuing robotics would be a great thing to do because of the endless limits of how far robotics could go. In our project, we used Lego Mindstorm, a programmable set of Lego’s that can use light sensors, touch sensors, gears, pulleys and a never-ending combination of different Lego’s to build a robot. Our Robot, nicknamed Leeroy, is able to move forward, backward, grab an item and lift it up with pulleys to a height that is controlled by a touch sensor at the top of a track. There are some limitations of how much our robot can do because of the limit of the number of operations that can be performed at one time by the robot, the strength of the pulley system, and the strength of the Lego’s.

Lego Mindstorm can have a maximum of three outputs. One of Leeroys’ outputs is used with the direction of its wheels, either forward or reverse. The second output controls the pulley system, which can go up or down. The third controls the ability to grab an object or let go of an object. Each of these outputs can have a variable speed of how fast to go, which controls the speed of the wheels, the speed of the pulley system, and the strength of the grabber.