Robots Today

Today Robotics are used everywhere from space to the deepest depths of the ocean and everywhere inbetween. NASA uses robots in space on Mars, the military has a robotic airplane currently used in Iraq and deep sea explorers use robots to explore depths to deep for humans. Robots are also used everyday in factories, toys, legos, lawn mowers, vacuums and so on.

NASA’s Robotics Program

Pathfinder (1996)
Mar Exploration Rover (2003)
Phoenix (2007)
Mars Science Laboratory (2009)

This image shows one of NASA's robots in action. The colored areas represent possible areas that the robots arm can reach. This lets the NASA operators click an area, and the robot lets the operators know if the area is reachable or not.

In this image we see how a NASA robot detects water (the blue area on the right shows detected water). It does this by taking an image of the ski and the ground and comparing the two. If a pattern on the ski matches the ground then you have water.

Military's Robotic Airplane (the Predator)

The predator is a spy plane the military created back in 1997 and is still being used today. Four Predators have been shot down since the war in Iraq. This plane is controlled by a flight simulator similar to the ones pilots are trained in.