St. Norbert College CSCI 225 - Machine Organization - 2007
The Projects

Kyle Diederich, Van Le and Corey Vorland WiiMotion
This presentation focuses on allowing a user to interact with a computer using the Nintendo WiiMote. This presentation focuses on how a Bluetooth connection allows the user to incorporate the motion sensing capabilities of the WiiMote. We will explain how this process works and provide examples demonstrating the capabilities of this interaction between popular video games and computer applications.

Animation Michelle Keehan and Carly Kratzer
We see it in movies and cartoons beginning in the late 1800's progressing and still growing today. Animation has overtaken many of the latest and most popular movies. How do you animate a character? We will show you how you can be an animation artist, using the program Anim8or, along with how animation has progressed to play an important role in the entertainment industry today.

Jeremy Baumruk, Brice Hilgemann and Erik Vande Walle Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more intertwined in our daily lives. It uses processes based off of mathematics and human logic to simulate human intelligence. This is the art of Artificial Intelligence and our presentation takes an in-depth look at the history, the logic, and the future of AI. We have also developed a basic chatbot program which uses text files in order to talk and learn about pets.

Home Robots Bryan Jorgensen and Adam Ziegler
The Roomba vacuum is a groundbreaking step towards the convergence of robotics and the home. Our project aims to show that the capabilities are much greater than just vacuuming floors, and that the Roomba, like any other robot, can be modified to serve alternative purposes limited only by the ingenuity of the programmer. We will show you the Roomba's capabilities from a basic hardware and practical perspective.

Casey Bailey, Ryan McLaughlin, Drew Nackers and Steve Vanden Bush Remote Car Starting
Texting, people do it everyday, gossiping, planning, and communicating through short chunks of text sent from phone to phone. But besides communitating to other people and other ‘texters’ around the world, what else can texting do? Finding an interesting real world application of text messaging outside person to person communication was the main goal of this project. This ultimately lead us to see if we could control things with the use of cell phone texts and computers, and eventually controlling a car remotely via text message.

  Thanks to all the students in Dr. Pankratz's CSCI 225 class for fun and enlightening presentations. Thanks also to all those students and faculty members who attended and participated in these presentations.

And yes, the car really did start!