Project Overview

In our project we are attempting to integrate two techonologies together, text messaging and remote car starters. We are going to attempt to use text messages to send simple commands, such as start, to another text message reciever in order to start a vehicle. Our project involves research into the history of cell phones, microprocessors such as Gravely's Eye-Q, and remote car starters. We will also attempt to look into any other product on the market that may incorporate a similar in idea.

How it Works

Sending a text message

  • The user sends specific commands to the text message reciever
  • The computer uses AT-Commands to check for new messages
  • The computer looks for keywords in the message such as "start"
  • The computer then performs the requested task

Changing background color

  • The computer gets a specific background color
  • The screen then changes to that color
  • The computer then sends a conformation message

Starting the car

  • The computer sends the Eye-Q a binary command to turn on specific pins on the Eye-Q, such as the remote start wire
  • The temperature sensor sends a binary statement back to the Eye-Q, and to the computer to get the current temperature



Remote Car Starting Via Text Message