St. Norbert College CSCI 225 - Machine Organization
Projects 2009

Radio Frequency Identification Matthew Chouinard, Benjamin Newman, Bryan White
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has become extremely popular in recent years. It allows businesses and individuals to track everything from livestock to library books to unassembled parts by using tags and a reader. It is also used to restrict access of secure areas to people that possess compatible tags. This project looks into the history and the many uses of this fast-growing technology. It also constructs a basic RFID system to demonstrate these uses.

Animation Using Blender Terra Alvarez, Katie Marquardt

Are you interesting in animation, but not sure how to get started? We provide a beginnerís look into the animation program called Blender. While this freeware is more advanced, it allows a user to have full control of their design. While Blender is not for beginners, the Blender user must start somewhere. Here you will find information on how to get started and what to expect when using Blender as a beginner. Join us as we explain Event-Driven Programming and help display it in a Flash environment.

Irobotics and Adventures Chris Gusman, Derek Harrington, Brian Milinski

Ever wonder how a robot works and what goes on behind the scenes? Our project plays with the coding that goes into the robot as we try to create an artificially intelligent machine that is capable of being remote controlled by a user in a safe manner. It all starts with a single click. From there watch it go as it obeys the orders that the user gives it.