Description: St. Norbert College

CS 225 - Machine Organization

Projects 2014




Julio Fuentes, Allie Look, Sarah Stiemke

Machine Learning

Thursday, Nov 13, 11:00am in Cofrin 11

Machine Learning is a branch of AI that focuses on allowing a machine to learn and come up with the best solution to a problem on its own. This presentation will focus mainly on the algorithms used to accomplish this learning as well as current and future examples of machine

and robotic learning.  The algorithms focus on the robot or the machine having the ability to inductively and deductively reason, an important element of human learning.  With this reasoning, the examples demonstrate that robots and machines will soon be able to learn to perform tasks without the need of a programmer.

Chryssy Joski, Jack Ward


Practical Parsing

Thursday, Nov 13, 11:25am in Cofrin 11

Parsing and token generation is an essential part of contemporary programming and data management.  This presentation defines the general concept of parsing and lexical analysis. After a brief history of parsing research and theory, we present computer-science specific applications.  Now that a general background of parsing is established, we analyze a specific example of a parser. We believe this presentation will prepare students who have not had Advanced Data Structures for some of the concepts and procedures that will be explored in depth in that class.  This presentation will expose them to the ideas of parsing large data and cryptography, for example, which are used in Advanced Data Structures.

Donny Bouressa, Caitlin Deuchert, Melanie Othon


Agile Robot Technology

Thursday, Nov 13, 11:50am in Cofrin 11

In recent years, robotic technology has gone from a hobby to a useful tool because of its improvements. New robots are able to keep on their feet if thrown off balance, run or dash with a natural agility similar to that of humans, and even travel across tough terrain such as ice or mud.

One agile robot, called Big Dog, is expected to serve as a pack mule for soldiers in terrain that is too difficult for other vehicles to cross. Advancements in agile robotic technology make tools like Big Dog possible. These advancements in these tools may prove useful in cases such as emergency rescue and assisted living.

Everette Berchmans, Tyler Hacker, Zachary Judkins


Thursday, Nov 13, 12:15pm in Cofrin 11

Advancements in technology have allowed more incorporation of machinery into human beings and animals. The term cyborg refers to adding technology to a living being to enhance their living situation. Though one may not see the use of prosthetics as an official Terminator-like cyborg, the use of prosthetics enhances one’s ability to function the same as a normal being or even better, just like a cyborg is meant to do. This presentation will focus on the evolution of prosthetics limbs and organs as well as the use of robots to assist doctors within the medical field. We examine how a prosthetic device works and how machinery can be further innovated for the future.




Alex Dowlding, Bryan Kelly, Ben Talbot

Virtual Reality

Friday, Nov 14, 11:00am in Cofrin 210

  Virtual reality is not an entirely new idea, but has only recently begun to be realized. We will discuss the early development of VR technology and its transition to what we know today. Current applications of VR technology as well as possible future applications will also be explored. A brief overview on how this technology works will be given. In addition, the current usefulness of VR and ethical issues will be investigated.

Harris Kelly, Patrick O’Connor, Ethan Ward


Computer Control in Automobiles

Friday, Nov 14, 11:25am in Cofrin 210

This presentation seeks to explore the modern uses of computing within the vehicles we see on the streets today. We will touch on the history of computers in cars, what functions in cars are handled by computers, how these control units work, and what advances are in development for the foreseeable future. We will demonstrate how intimately connected modern cars and computers are and explore what developments will enter the consumer market in the next few years.