CSCI 225 - Machine Organization

Project Presentations : 2020

(Monday and Wednesday 11/16 and 11/18)



Monday November 16th 10:50AM on Zoom : Monday Zoom Link


Drone Technology


In recent years, drone technology has gone from a hobby to a useful tool because of its improvements. New drones can perform avoidance routines, follow targets and film weddings.We are using a drone simulator and actual drone hardware to plan and experiments with a route following drone app. Android Studio was employed in this project.


Presenters: Morgan Wilson, Jacob Shepard


Augmented Reality




AR had a boon in the form of Pokemon Go some years ago, but other applications exist that take advantage of user cameras to make an augmented reality. This project seeks to explore the tools available for AR and play with some of the commercial solutions. There will also be a paper which explores applications of AR.


Presenter: Jake Van Rite




The Modern NPC



NPC (non-player character) programming is a large interconnected process composed of several small, self-contained processes, some of the most important of which are how they move, why they move, and what they say.  All of these are built from sets of conditions, pulled from the environment and the player, that then determine movement and dialogue.  In our presentation, we will discuss the basics of decision determination and explore the ways in which this logic structures NPC dialogue and physical movement.The modern game engine, Unity, has been employed to demonstrate the possibilities.


Presenters: Gabe Olsen, Brendan Aird



Self Driving Cars



This presentation seeks to explore the modern uses of computing within the vehicles we see on the streets today. We will touch on the history of computers in cars, what functions in cars are handled by computers, how these control units work, and what advances are in development for the foreseeable future. We will demonstrate how intimately connected modern cars and computers are and explore what developments will enter the consumer market in the next few years.In addition we have explored bot controllers with the CS Lab robots.


Presenters: RJ Manning, Olivia Eisch



Wednesday November 18 10:50AM on Zoom : Wednesday Zoom Link



Personal Virtual Assistants


In this project we learn about PVA's such as siri, alexa, etc. We have programmed one of them using the API and emulator (if needed).Part of our work includes researching the PVA and implement functions and "skills".


Presenters: Landon Mueller, Emily Herried

Audio Files and Memory



This project looks at different formats of audio files, in particular the differences in how they are stored and read. We also explore compression and sampling rates, how they affect both the digital files, and the sound quality itself. The project uses the commonly used tool: Swiss Army Knife of Sound Design (also known as Sox) and SoxSharp: a C# library which sits behind this Windows Form Application.


Presenters: Maddie Korpi, Ann Lozich


Virtual Reality



  This project discusses the early development of VR technology and its transition to what we know today. Current applications of VR technology as well as possible future applications will also be explored. The context of our explorations includes use of Quest and Quest 2 from Oculus in the Unity Game Engine. A brief overview on how this technology works will be given. In addition, the current usefulness of VR and ethical issues will be investigated.


Presenters: Easten Wember, Marie Smith

Practical Parsing :Advanced Calculators


In this parsing project we look at the shunting yard algorithm and apply a derivation of it to a scientific calculator.Not to stop short there, we've also added the ability for the calculator to contain variables and assignment operators so that infix expressions can be evaluated. All of this is presented in the C# framework.


Presenters: Hayden Schuh, Matt Taluchka