CSCI 225 - Machine Organization - Fall 2022

Spencer Evenson, Colton Lemanski Jacking Up Your Cybersecurity 10:00am, Thursday, Nov. 17, STW 005

In the modern era that we live in, cyber-attacks, both on businesses and on local people, have become all too common; consequently, the need for cybersecurity is higher than ever before. This presentation demonstrates PassJackR, a program developed to demonstrate the abilities of a few kinds of attacks, as well as their countermeasures. We hope that some basic information about some of the more common attacks will help to ensure cyber safety worldwide.

Ali Bennett, Delaney Hennes, Will Jens MicroOrganism Tamagotchi 10:19am, Thursday, Nov. 17, STW 005

This project aims to teach students/users important information about the basic needs of organisms through a fun and interactive app. Initially inspired by the Tamagotchi, in this app users will lord over their own little universe. Three different organisms live in this universe, the hearty tardigrades, the grumbly E.coli, and the finicky phytoplankton. The ruler of this universe (*that's you*) has the ability to change the environment these organisms reside in. Each interaction has an effect on the organisms, which also affect each other. Which organism will survive? That's up to you.

Kaylee Grzenia, Christina Paleka AI Image Recognition 10:38am, Thursday, Nov. 17, STW 005

In this presentation, we will be discussing how Artificial Intelligence is used. This project explores the uses of AI through an in depth analysis of handwriting to text OCR programs through experimentation. We will be analyzing what factors in the environment allow for the most accurate readings.

Jadon, Koegel, Taylor Wesolowski YouQueue 10:57am, Thursday, Nov. 17, STW 005

Take a break from boring radio station elevator music playing wherever you go; with YouQueue listen to an organic blend of your own music and music from the people around you on a local song queue created by local users. With YouQueue users can anonymously add their music choices to a public space playlist and hear interesting and familiar music every day. YouQueue implements a server/client website model which combines HTML and Python to process requests through a Youtube search engine.

Claire Bulick, Damian Gladysz, Kyle Vickman Facial Recognition 11:16am, Thursday, Nov. 17, STW 005

In this ever more digitally reliant ecosystem called society, we as humans need to find ways to quickly and accurately identify one another without the reliance on humans using physical input devices to try and communicate with computer databases at less than stellar speeds. For the sake of efficiency then, we as a species found a way to get rid of the middle human, increasing both speed and cost efficacy, FACIAL RECOGNITION!!! This program can be used to decently and accurately identify people within its database using a camera, and can even go as far as identify multiple people at once!

Joseph Davy, John Olson, Elliott Ward Self Driving Cars 11:35am, Thursday, Nov. 17, STW 005

This project will go over the Activity Bot 360 as an example self driving vehicle. Our project will also talk about real self driving cars, the various sensors that guide them, limitations and benefits, as well as ethical and economic acceptance.