CSCI 225 - Machine Organization - Fall 2023

Maddie Sanderson, Sydney Vitalbo, Sigrid Fitschen Neural Networks and AI Recognition 10:00am, Thursday, Nov. 16, STW 015

In a world of evolving technology, teachers and professors alike run into the issue of students submitting work that isn't theirs - similar to plagiarism, but this time through artificial intelligence. Programs such as ChatGPT use neural network processes to generate content; however, this content can be recognized as AI generated by utilizing neural networks. Our project explores how neural networks are related to AI and how its content can be analyzed to detect original work.

Kaden Kornaus, Mason Werner Something's Phishy 10:20am, Thursday, Nov. 16, STW 015

When your phone or computer is getting blown up by emails, sometimes it can be bothersome to completely proofread and inspect all of those emails and to know which ones are legitimate, and those that are out to get you. Using email scanners and other antivirus software is something that is very important in the modern world. Especially with all of the new advances in technology, along with almost everything personal becoming more and more digitized. Throughout our research, Kaden and I have found out that when it comes to phishing emails, there are some patterns to look out for: Improper spelling/grammar, "Urgent" messages that require Credit card info, and false promises that seem too good to be true. While newer generations might be more accustomed to the use of technology due to growing up around the internet, they might not be aware of the dangers that come with it. Our aim is to provide some outlook and information on how to protect yourself or others from becoming a victim to phishing.

Hannah Thiry, Madeline Krajewski Study on Game Mechanics and Player Engagement 10:40am, Thursday, Nov. 16, STW 015

Stardew Valley is a popular 2D role-playing game which offers a variety of activities such as farming, dungeon crawling (mines), building relationships with NPCs (both platonic and romantic), foraging/fishing, and managing resources. Due to its assortment of gameplay opportunities, players can engage with Stardew Valley in many different ways. In this study, we will measure how different age groups interact with Stardew Valley, as well as their style and level of engagement. Once our study is complete, we will compare our findings to our research and determine how successful Stardew Valley is by those metrics while also considering its success in the various age groups we test.

Braeden Neta, Kyle McFadden, Hunter Janssen Machine Audio 11:05am, Thursday, Nov. 16, STW 015

Our project focuses on sound and audio's relationship with computers. Our research will include a basic introduction to audio machines, files, and usage in music and audio creation. Then, we will dive deeper into the manipulation of audio files as well as the history and future of computer audio. The historical portion will contain a timeline of all major releases of physical computers or software to the world of machine audio while the future segment will focus on present-day innovations of computer audio. The programming portion of the project will feature the conversion of a modern-day 16-bit audio file into an 8-bit version. To apply this, we will be compressing the Monkey Island Theme song from the 1990 game Monkey Island.

Jack Strauss, Benjamin Peroutka Hexagonal Procedural Generation 11:25am, Thursday, Nov. 16, STW 015

This project is about the procedural generation in a hexagonal format. Hexagons are one of the few shapes which can be compacted into a grid with no space in between, alongside with parallelograms. These hexagonal tile sets can be used in any 3D visual format, be it movies, video games, or anything of the sort. We use it in a 2D environment for brevity. The offset system used to place adjacent shapes can be applied to other grids, of course, and the offsets for the hexagons can be directly applied in certain aspects to a triangular grid, as the hexagonal grid is made of triangles itself.