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Graph Algorithm Animation
Chris Ciske
Senior Capstone Project

Project Description: Develop a software learning tool that Visualize Graph Algorithms (VGA).

General Requirements:
Implement the following algorithms:
a. Minimum Spanning Tree (Prim and Kruskal)
b. Shortest Path Algorithms (Dijkstra and Warshall)
c. Depth First Search
d. Breadth First Search
e. Connected Components

The VGA must support editing capabilities like:
f. Add/delete vertices and edges using the mouse or dialog boxes.
g. Allow directed or non-directed edges, weighted or non-weighted edges.
h. Number the vertices.
i. Drag vertices with all adjacent edges moving relatively.
j. Read/write graphs to disk.

Allow other algorithms to be added easily and provide step-by-step documentation on how to do so.

Survey instructors and former students for other possible features. Analyze findings and implement features based on instructor recommendations.

A user can actively interact (in real time) with the VGA with functions like:
k. Set the speed of the animation.
l. Step through an algorithm.
m. Back up and jump ahead in the algorithm.
n. Other.