Digital Compass Tachometer

Project Description: Construct a tachometer using a compass and develop an application that allows a pc to control the speed of a vehicle.

General Requirements:
  1. Research and purchase a digital compass in consultation with Dr. Pankratz.

  2. Document how 2-axis and 3-axis compasses operate.

  3. Use the CommBoard as a prototype but get the compass to communicate with a pc directly.

  4. Develop an interface (drivers) that will allow use of the compass without knowledge of details. (The compass must be loosely coupled from its application.)

  5. Develop pc applications that

    1. Display the compass direction graphically.

    2. Turn the compass (motor) so that it always faces the desired direction.

    3. Measure the speed of a wheel and adjust the speed based on some desired characteristic (constant speed, increase at 1mph, etc.)

Detailed Requirements:
  1. Windows platform (visual c++ and/or vb)

  2. PMI V2Xe compass and CommBoard documentation

  3. Gadget board?

  4. Motors

  5. Construction of "wheel"