Motoring A Web Cam


Week 1: Jan 23 - Jan 29

    Project Assigned: Gather information about motoring a web camera

Week 2: Jan 30 - Feb 5

    Develop web page and get the image server up and running

Week 3: Feb 06 - Feb 12

    Order the parts needed to motor the webcam and put a zoom on the camera

Week 4: Feb 13 - Feb 19

    Receive the parts, try the servo motor on the computer without the internet, and learn how to solder. Also put the timestamp on the pictures.

Week 5: Feb 20 - Feb 26

    Figure out the main base for the webcam and get all the soldering done. Make sure camera works and is all mounted up.

Week 6: Feb 27 - Mar 5

    Start the process of coding to get the servo controls accessible on the internet.

Week 7: Mar 6 - Mar 12

    Finish up the coding and it is up and running on my website.

Week 8: Mar 13 - Mar 19

    Set up user permissions on the website and and have a log of usage.

Week 9: Mar 20 - Mar 26


Week 10: Mar 27 - Apr 2

    Deal with any racing conditions that are caused by multiple users.

Week 11: Apr 3 - Apr 9

    Keep on dealing with the racing conditions.

Week 12: Apr 10 - Apr 16

    If everything is up and running, think of something that I can add to the program since I have two extra motors. I was thinking

    maybe make it mountable so that not only the camera can move up and down, left and right, but have a contraption that will

    also raise and lower that whole device, so instead of having the camera point upward towards you, have the camera actually move

    upward and downward to get to a better position of where your face actually is.  This sounds like it would work and be a good idea but this is

    completely dependent on my timing.   I should also start my presentation outline.

Week 13: Apr 17 - Apr 23

    Make sure everything is up and running, and have my presentation ready to go.

Week 14: Apr 24 - Apr 30

    Presentation time!

Week 15: May 1 - May 7

    Website completed, and final project defense.

Week 16: May 8 - May 14