Motoring a Webcam

Career Plans

By Kevin Scott Papreck


While attending St. Norbert College I have really enjoyed the Computer Science major, at the same time the degree started to scare me. During my junior year of college I realized that I really don't want to be stuck behind a computer the rest of my life, and that I need a job that I will be able to communicate with people and be always moving around. When my senior year of college crawled up on me I started researching some job fields that I can possibly go into. At this point I had a strong feeling that a business analyst job would be the best for my career direction. The problem with this is that you really need experience to get into the field. So for this reason I decided to apply to graduate school at Keller School of Management to go into their MBA program or MISM (Masters in Information Systems Management). I have been accepted here, but I am just using it now as a last resort option. While asking people about the Business Analyst job, they told me that with my description that it seems to them that a business analyst job is not a good career direction and that I should look into technical sales. So from here I had done research on sales and talked to many people at home and at school, which all feel that this would be a good career choice for me. I feel the same way, as I always like to be around new people and always like to be moving around. With that in mind, I am currently on a job search for a Technical Sales Rep job in the Chicago land area in which my ultimate goal is to get a job lined up before I graduate from St. Norbert College.