Motoring a WebCam

Detailed Exceptions

  1. My web application is actually really robust, so there is not too many things that can go wrong.  The main problems seem to be on the server end.  If the Phidget power cord is not plugged in, then only the Pan motor will work.  The controls for Tilt are still there but you can tell it is not plugged in if that motor is not working.
  2. Another problem on the server end is if IIS is not configured correctly.  If not set up right for permissions you will not be able to get access to the Microsoft Access database which is used to keep a count to see if any users are connected.
  3. Next, is with the motors themselves.  They are really fast motors, so it tends to be a little jerky.  The only way to slow them down however is by replacing the servo motors with servo motors which have a slower speed.
  4. One last problem would be with moving the device.  Sometimes during a move if the motors are moved, when they start back up they are not in the correct position it may say it is at.  But after a few tries it will go back where it is supposed to be.