Philosophy Statement

Looking back on my sophomore year in high school, I can recall a time when I had to ask someone what is email? I never heard of ‘email’ and didn’t even know what the ‘Internet’ was. But soon after that was when I discovered my interest in computers. I was hooked on them but lacked the necessary skills to operate them properly. I was always screwing up and spending hours trying to fix all kinds of problems.  By the end of my sophomore year, I had done some research and even talked to a computer teacher about computer programming.  After the teacher had explained to me what computer programming was, I was still confused and it did not make much sense to me. The teacher told me that I would be writing some kind of code to generate some output. I decided to take on the challenge of computer programming, and that decision was my first step in to the computer field.  I learned basic computer programming skills in the languages of Pascal and Visual Basic.  I really enjoyed these classes and from that I decided that the a Computer Science major would be in my best interest.  I then went on to college and have struggled to get through the program at St. Norbert College, but the path was an enjoyable one and looking back I am glad I tried as hard as I did to get through.  I strongly feel that the Computer Science program at SNC has prepared me for success in all fields, but particularly the computer science field.