Web Surveillance Cameras ~ CSCI 460 Senior Capstone

Brandon Gigot


Welcome to my Spring of 2009 Senior Capstone page.† Itís been an interesting journey as a Computer Science major so far, and hopefully the experience doesnít have† to end after graduation.† Please feel free to check my journal for weekly updates.† As the semester progresses Iíll continue to add more information on my project.† The about me section contains my Computer Science philosophy, my future goals, and a little bit of personal information too.† The downloads section contains my code, the Phidget libraries I used, and my PowerPoint from the final presentation.

Have you ever wished you could setup your own monitoring system without spending some serious cash? My project allows users to use a server based web camera and Phidget servo motors to locally or remotely view the web camera video. The Phidget servos move left, right, up, and down for added usability. Whether you want to keep an eye on kids, pets, or any room around the house or office,† my application allows all of this.


-Brandon M. Gigot