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Computer Controlled Railroad 

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The Computer Controlled Railroad is a project that has been handed down
from senior class to senior class.  Slowly and steadily it gains headway with each individual that works on it contributing to the design.  My idea is to take as much as I can from the existing designers and develop a very user-friendly interface to control the train with...something someone at nearly any age can use.  I plan on doing so by using as much code as I can from the previous developers and design a program that will call and utilize the old code.  Right now that is my biggest goal, but eventually I would like to integrate the use of a 'controller' so that you can control the train in a 'video game' like fashion with the user interface closely monitoring the movements for protection.

Project completed: Video game controller integrated, a much easier to understand user-interface was developed, a simple approach to displaying realtime track status was handled, and overall code was simplified to allow for developers to expand upon in the future. Check out the progress page to see some videos and the journal page for a day to day breakdown of the project

Click here to view my slideshow Presentation . It may help explain some of the project to those not so familiar to it.

Click here to download which contains all of the necessary files to run.