St. Norbert College CSCI 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2010
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Adam Ziegler
Communicating Robots 3:00pm, Monday, April 26, Cofrin 201

Roombas have long been idealized as the lazy man's vacuum, but what if they could do more? And what if two could "talk" to each other? My project explores both of these aspects. Using infrared signals, two Creates (stripped down Roomba-like robots) will find each other, then "talk" through a customized protocol to share information and synchronize activities.

Geoff Irving
Little da Vinci Drawing Board 3:35pm, Monday, April 26, Cofrin 201
The demand of electronic whiteboards is steadily rising every year. Whiteboards are a great learning tool for students of all ages, and with this technology they need great software to go with it. The Little DaVinci Drawing program is meant to be a fun environment for elementary-aged children to play and be creative. Using a "smart drawing" program allows for a free-hand object to be morphed into a perfect shape adding to the fun experience for the student.

Travis Vroman
Android Campus Tour 4:10pm, Monday, April 26, Cofrin 201
Through the magic of GPS, the Internet, and a little bit of Google dust, your Android smartphone can now take you on a guided tour around campus. It includes an annotated satellite view of landmarks and points of interest, photographs of campus buildings, and a digital tour guide to help you make sense of it all. St. Norbert College Ė thereís an app for that!

Michelle Keehan
SNC Tutor System 6:00pm, Monday, April 26, Cofrin 209
In previous years, a Tutor Database System has been created for the Office of Academic Support Services at St. Norbert College.  Through a Visual Basic program, administrators are able to access the database to track progress of tutors and students being tutored, assign tutors, update tutor and class information, and check availability of a tutor.  Tutors can update and access their information such as their availability, courses they can tutor, current tutor connections, and tasks they need to complete through the Tutor website.  My senior capstone project provides enhancements and proactive maintenance in order to improve efficiency of the Tutor Database System and Tutor Website.

Paul McEnany
SNC ESL System 6:35pm, Monday, April 26, Cofrin 209
The goal of this project is to redesign and implement the ESL Department's student database in Access 2007, and to develop and implement a C# client application to manage the database. In addition to developing the new system, this project also includes converting and cleaning the old database and updating the current reporting system.

Bryan Jorgensen
Surveillance System 7:10pm, Monday, April 26, Cofrin 209

The goal of this project is to take an ip camera and an RFID reader and create a program to make it easy for an administrator to watch the Cofrin 112 lab as well as protect the equipment in the lab. The system, written in C#, does this through the detection and alerting of motion by the camera, and the accessing of the RFID reader by giving students RFID tags.

Corey Vorland
Lawn Mower Simulator 8:00pm, Monday, April 26, Cofrin 209
My senior capstone project involves the construction of a zero turn lawn mower simulator.  This includes realistic input through joysticks, a realistic movement algorithm, and the creation of an environment in which the lawn mower can be driven.  Further features are added to enhance the userís experience and aid them in learning how to drive a zero turn machine.  The simulator is constructed in both a 2-D and 3-D environment.

Brice Hilgemann
Computer Controlled Railroad 8:35pm, Monday, April 26, Cofrin 209
Model railroads have always been a hobbyists delight with complexities and technical hardware that takes hours to fully understand and utilize.  Being able to move a train and control the railroad is the ultimate goal - but is this something that anyone can do?  This project looks at taking the complexities out of the way with easy to understand computer interfaces that can control railroad objects and prevent collisions.  Multiple users will be able to select a train to command, manipulate railroad hardware, and receive visual feedback on their individual train's progress.