Welcome to the Senior Capstone website of Derek Harrington. Here I will provide you with information about my senior capstone project and information about myself.

Computer Science Philosophy

It's 2012, and every day more and more of the things we depend on in our daily lifestyle depend on computers. It is nearly impossible to live a modern life in this day and age without being somewhat dependent on technology. Computers and computing professionals are at the core of innovation, technology, business, and industry. Computers have become essential to everything from managing the global economy, to predicting weather, to making sure your refrigerator in your kitchen adjusts itself to exactly the right temperature. The incredible rate at which the computing profession is expanding just gives us a hint as to the vast possibilities that computers can provide. Because of this, it is my responsibility as a computer scientist to always be a learner. My education cannot stop at my graduation, but must continue for the duration of my career.


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