St. Norbert College CSCI 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2015
  The Projects  

Bradley Blank
Voice Editor 1:00pm, Tuesday April 28, Cofrin 011

Imagine a world where your own words could be rearranged, creating phrases in your own voice that you never said. Given the complexity of a human voice and the nuances of speech the realization of a perfect restructuring of one's voice is still a ways off. My project, however, allows a user to record, sample, and reconstruct audio waves to the best of their ability and gives them fine controls for restructuring captured voice samples.

Joshua Mueller
Railroad Simulator 1:30pm, Tuesday April 28, Cofrin 011
This application is meant for users to be able to either create their own train track layouts, or to use a pre-existing track layout. The users can then use this layout to run trains simultaneously in different directions and speeds to simulate racing conditions when two or more trains want the same section of track at the same time. This application does not prevent derailment or crashing of trains, but will instead simulate those scenarios happening if the user puts the trains in situations where those scenarios may occur.

Jonathan Sullivan
Visualize Recursion 2:00pm, Tuesday April 28, Cofrin 011
This application is designed to visually display recursion through the use of a maze generator while using an api to connect to other programs. The other program will send the maze the commands that will be used for its traversal. The project is split into two parts, the first being the maze generator set up in c#. The second is the api which will connect the two programs. The overall goal of the project is to create a system that will help future students understand and write recursive code.

Alex Beltz
Ride Scheduling 3:00pm, Thursday April 30, Cofrin 209
This project aims to create a visualization of customer interactions, allowing taxi cab drivers to more effectively plan their routes. Coded in C#, it uses the GMap.NET API in order to access geocoding and Google Maps to accurately display the locations of customer pick up and drop off points. This allows the driver to do 'what-ifs' and try various routes in order to pick the best one.

Kristen Kleckner
Visualizing Text 3:30pm, Thursday April 30, Cofrin 209
Twitter holds large sets of interesting data. The goal of my project was to extract that data and find a way to analyze it to find trends in text and users. I then worked to develop an application that would display the results in a way that is easy for anyone to understand.

Emily Techmeier
Computer Science Kiosk 4:00pm, Thursday April 30, Cofrin 209
The Computer Science Kiosk is a tool to inform prospective students about St. Norbert College's Computer Science major (and minor). This iPad application will allow students to learn more about the campus, what classes they would take within the department, some senior projects they could end up working on, the faculty they will be instructed by, and some things they can do with their major after graduation. It even includes a trivia game!

Kyle Van Den Heuvel
Robot Guides 4:30pm, Thursday April 30, Cofrin 209
Robotics is becoming more prevalent in our lives to the point that in the near future, it may be a daily occurrence to encounter some form of robot. While robotics is currently being put into homes with products like the Roomba, it might be of great service to industries like elderly care or tourism in form of robotic guides. This presentation will show the current ways in which a robotic tour guide would operate and the mechanisms put in place to ensure the job is properly done with technologies such as the SLAM algorithm, the Kinect camera, and the iRobot Create.

Derek Wachowski
Car Cam 6:00pm, Thursday April 30, Cofrin 209
Technological innovation and integration with vehicles is becoming very popular. To help reduce the amount of vehicle-related deaths, vehicle backup cameras will be a mandatory standard within the upcoming years. This project utilizes the Xbox Kinect camera and the v1.8 Kinect for Windows standard development kit to simulate the features of an industry standard vehicle backup camera housed in a C# environment.

Garrett Moody
Face Recognition 6:30pm, Thursday April 30, Cofrin 209
Facial recognition is becoming more and more popular with today's technology. This application detects and recognizes a person's face within a picture taken by an Android phone camera. Once a picture is taken, the application guesses the identity of the person based on previous pictures taken by the application.

Laura Staver
Health Game 7:00pm, Thursday April 30, Cofrin 209
Getting the motivation to work out can often be difficult, even with health-tracking software. Often users feel they are falling behind or give up when they see little progress in all the statistics their health device shows them. This app combines the addictiveness of game apps with data collected from any Fitbit device to entertain and challenge users to keep up with their health routines.

Andrew Jacobson
SNC Tour Guide 7:30pm, Thursday, April 30, Cofrin 209
Intended to aid visitors, the SNC Tour Guide is a mobile Android application that enables users to view points of interest around campus. The application provides visitors with helpful information about the points of interest as well as related links that enhance their tour. Users can find points based on their proximity to them, by searching the index, or by enabling one of the many map layers. The file system implemented allows for various future improvements and modifications.

Matthew Owens
Senior Jukebox 8:00pm, Thursday, April 30, Cofrin 209
Senior citizens enjoy searching the web for videos of musical artists that were big in the industry while growing up. Unfortunately, they often have a difficult time interacting with the interfaces of these searches due to poor eyesight or shaky hands. They sometimes click things that make them end up in a state that is foreign to them, leaving them in a state of confusion. My Jukebox app should solve all of these problems with its foolproof interface, retrieving the videos these senior citizens desire.