The Project
Dino's project utilizes a third party program to gather data from a web source. A program then organizes and processes the data using a filter. A second program generates a tag cloud based on the data. The more frequent the word, the larger it is portrayed in the tag cloud. The tag cloud is supposed to minimize white space between each words, and should be able to process up to 100 words at a time.

CS Philosophy Statement
I find nothing more enjoyable than giving shape and form to my thoughts. The ability to create, construct, and experiment is truly captivating. As an avid fan of video games, I was fascinated by the potential and possibilities in computer science, as well as the inherent creativity behind the various methods and solutions. The creator in me bursts with the desire to produce things for my own and hopefully others' enjoyment, and have chosen computer science as my path to accomplish this goal. I aspire to continuously learn and accumulate new and improved tools in the hopes that I will be able to design and create even better things. I have found this goal very fulfilling to strive towards and worth dedicating my life to, and have had no regrets so far.