CS Lab Usage

CS Lab Usage

Who am I: Logan Balow

What am I doing?: Implement a camera based system that monitors lab usage.

Project Requirements:

1. The camera activates based on motion.

2. Capture snippets of video.

3. The system recognizes people compared to just motion.

4. Collect usage time and numbers.

5. Develop an admin side that reports statistics and maintains video.

My Philosophy on Programming

    Some people have asked me, "Why do you like to program?" or "Why do you like working on
computers?" Honestly, I haven't put too much thought into why I made the decision to study it. 
I deeply enjoy technology, have since birth basically, and throughout the years have been fascinated,
by how technology works and how some of my favorite games actually worked. Thankfully, my time at 
St. Norbert has enabled me to further my curiosity and turn that into possible career options.
I'm deeply thankful for all that my professors have been able to teach me throughout my time here and open
my mind to the true beauty that I find in programming. At this point in my life, I can't imagine being
this happy doing anything else.