St. Norbert College CSCI 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2021

Demonstrations may be attended in-person in the specified location or via Zoom Meeting: Join Here!
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Rick Gonzalez
SNC Lab Bot 10:00am, Thursday, April 29, STW L133

The goal of this project is to provide a way for a user to control the lab bot, either directly or indirectly. A user may want to drive the robot themselves, or provide the bot with a destination. The robot should be able to prevent itself from crashing into unexpected obstacles, and still complete its tasks.

Noah Doperalski
Congestion 10:25am, Thursday, April 29, STW L133
In the times of Covid, it's incredibly important to know where there is the highest concentration of people. Congestion is an app that takes into account the density of highly populated areas, showing you where to avoid in high times of foot traffic with a visual heatmap.

Myles Cruz
VR Air Hockey 6:00pm, Friday, April 30, GMS 1097
Does anyone play Air Hockey on a physical Air Hockey table anymore? VR Air Hockey is an Oculus application that allows a user to play their favorite arcade game anywhere they want. The puck glides on a layer of air, careening off the walls as you defend your goal and try to score in your opponent's goal.

Julio Madrigal
Mango's Word Search 6:25pm, Friday, April 30, GMS 1097
Instead of carrying a pencil and paper around to stimulate your brain with word search puzzles that are limited to one time use, you can use this android application to complete word search puzzles an unlimited amount of times! Choose from predetermined word search puzzles, import word search puzzles from a server, or create your own word search puzzles which allows for limitless possibilities. Exercise your brain with this unique word search application!

Annicka Rabida
Painting Photos 6:50pm, Friday, April 30, GMS 1097
This android application is made for both the artistic and not-so-artistic alike. With the touch of your finger, you are able to add filters to your photo such as black and white. You have the choice of taking a photo, uploading a photo, or a blank canvas to use for creating your masterpiece. Once finished, the user can save this masterpiece to their gallery.

Eric Herman
Text Recognition in Images 7:15pm, Friday, April 30, GMS 1097
This program is designed to look at an image and determine what text is present within it. There are many uses including reading text on signs, license plates, and reading scanned documents. This application opens images along with live video feed and allows the user to adjust certain parameters to improve the recognition of the text.

Landon Mueller
E-Parking Administration 7:50pm, Friday, April 30, GMS 1097
There are apps that allow people to locate open spaces, reserve spaces for future use, and pay the parking fees for parking lots. Those who build the lots and collect the fees, need to track and analyze the data. E-Parking Administration is a web-based application that allows parking administrators to answer common questions such as peak times or if a lot is full easily and also have the ability to query the database themselves for more in-depth analysis.

Mac Barrett
Mac's Mondo Multiplayer Trivia 8:15pm, Friday, April 30, GMS 1097
Trivia games are fun, and more fun with friends. My Game Show style Trivia App allows multiple users to join a single synchronized game hosted on a St. Norbert web server from anywhere they have internet access so you can play with your friends from on the couch or anywhere else right here on compsci04!

Ian McDowell
Where's My School Bus? 8:30am, Saturday, May 1, GMS 1097
Many working families rely on school buses to transport their children to and from school safely. If the school bus is running late, or if there is some unforeseen trouble, it can put a lot of stress on families to make sure their children are safe. This mobile application facilitates communication to the bus riders and their families when the school bus will arrive, and if there are any delays along the way.

Aldo Gonzalez
Mosaic Generation 8:55am, Saturday, May 1, GMS 1097
What do you get when you mix biological evolution, software, and images? My project! Its goal is to take an image, mess it up, and let a genetic algorithm figure out how to get it as close as possible to the initial image. The possibilities are endless. With this type of thinking, you could feed the computer many different pictures and have them put together in such a way that the final image looks like whatever you'd like!

Sam Spika
Eye Tracking 9:20am, Saturday, May 1, GMS 1097
This project uses information coming from an eye tracking device mounted on the computer in order to determine where the user is looking, and where the mouse should be positioned on the screen. This, along with a method for the user to click on screen, allows a person to use a computer without the need for a mouse.

Lucas Van Vonderen
Are We There Yet?! 10:00am, Saturday, May 1, GMS 1097
Have you ever gone on vacation and wondered what attractions can I accomplish today? What is within so many miles of my current location? My project does just that by taking in the distance a User wants to travel, and displaying the distance on a Map and showing what attractions are within the specified distance. With this application a User can easily identify travel locations that fit their needs with place type, time or distance restrictions.

Andrew Burkart
Image Reconstruction with Polygons 10:25am, Saturday, May 1, GMS 1097
This application uses a genetic algorithm to model a population of individuals, each containing a list of genes (polygons) which can be visualized as an image. Starting with a population consisting of a randomly generated gene pool, each individual is compared to the original image to calculate its fitness. By breeding fitter individuals from the population, the gene list which produces the most accurate representation of the original image is selected over successive generations, demonstrating the power of a natural selection process to produce the best candidate.

Derek Huber
BeatBox VR Rhythm Game 12:00 noon, Saturday, May 1, GMS 1097
Need a new and exciting way to work out while also jamming to your favorite tunes? Look no further than BeatBox, a virtual reality rhythm game! Inspired by the popular VR game Beat Saber, BeatBox allows players to use their own songs (mp3 or wav format) and punch blocks that come at them to the beat. The game features a constant beats-per-minute mode that works great with songs that have a constant BPM. Alternatively, there is a beat detection mode that automatically determines the beat.

Christian Smith
Hometowns 12:25pm, Saturday, May 1, GMS 1097
This project is designed as an interactive method for prospective, current, and past students to be more familiar with the department. By allowing them to more generally see where the student body is from, prospective students may be likely to join when they find people from their own town have gone here. The simple design makes it easy for people to add to the project with their own home town as well as look around the world to see the community.

Maverick Berner
EZ Lights 12:50pm, Saturday, May 1, GMS 1097
EZLights is an application that lets you create music-synced light shows from the comfort of your couch. The intuitive interface allow you to quickly and easily sync custom events to your song of choice - once you are satisfied with your work, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Colby Wall
Cartoon-like Images from Pictures 1:15pm, Saturday, May 1, GMS 1097
In our digitized world, there is an increasing need for image rendering. The purpose of this project was to create an application that converts pictures into an image that resembles a simple cartoon. User control over the colors was important requirement, so a bucket sorting algorithm in conjunction with K-means was implemented to allow the user to choose the number of colors and the colors themselves. Other user input like choice of blurring effects and intensity or bucket range control will allow for some abstract images to be created.

Jasmine Boe
Photo Memories
Photo Memories is an android application that takes your photos in your phone and creates photo albums of your vacations based on Date and Location data attached to your photos!