"It is the mark of an educated mind
to entertain a thought without accepting it" - Aristotle

CS460 Capstone Project - Julio Madrigal


Once I got my first computer at 13, I was astounished by the functionality of it. It can do so much that I have never imagined it would do. From that point forward I was dedicated to going to college and majoring in Computer Science. However, I was told by everyone in my immediate and even extended family that studying such a complex field of study is a waste of time and I should focus on manual labor work instead. I let these comments get to me initially, but once I was accepted into a college, I began "to entertain a thought without accepting it". I sort of believed that I would not be able to succeed in such a complex field of study as my whole family has said, but I also was sort of confident in my skills to succeed in such a field of study. Once I aced my first Computer Science class, I knew that majoring in Computer Science was destiny for me and the thoughts I once entertained in my head claiming that I would not be able to accomplish such a feat according to my family has vanished. As a result, I have successfully done what nobody in my entire ancestry has accomplished which is major in a STEM field. I love the challenge, creative freedom, and puzzles that Computer Science offers. Furthermore, technology is rapidly expanding every day and the amount of opportunities that come with that is increasing as well. These are the things that have motivated me to pursue a major in Computer Science.