St. Norbert College CSCI 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2023
  The Projects  

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Jacob Krueger
Norby Nav 10:00am, Thursday, April 27, GMS 1096

Navigating a new campus can be overwhelming, but with Norby Nav, a virtual tour guide app, exploring St. Norbert Campus has never been easier. Norby Nav is a comprehensive, interactive, and user-friendly app that offers pre-planned tours and detailed information about the campus's buildings and landmarks. The app also includes a building directory, where users can search for specific buildings and find detailed information about each one, including hours of operation, services offered, and accessibility information. Norby Nav provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily navigate between the different features and sections of the app.

Noah Lindsley
Creating Equal Baseball Leagues 10:25am, Thursday, April 27, GMS 1096
By using genetic algorithms, a team can be built by identifying the combination of players that can lead to optimal team performance. The genetic algorithm creates a population of potential team compositions and evaluates their fitness based on the set criteria. Then, the algorithm uses selection, crossover, and mutation functions to create new combinations and gradually improve the fitness of the team.

Brendan Aird
Scrapely 10:50pm, Thursday, April 27, GMS 1096
Is your business struggling to understand the market they are competing in? Look no further than Scrapely. Scrapely is a website designed to help businesses gain valuable insights about their customers. By leveraging web scraping technology, it is able to collect data such as customer reviews and dates, which can then be analyzed to identify trends and patterns. My project also uses sentiment analysis techniques to determine how customers feel about the business and its products or services in real-time. By using my project, businesses can gain a better understanding of their customers' needs and wants, enabling them to make more informed decisions and improve their offerings aligned with customer feedback.

Natalie Dykhuis
Karela 9:00am, Saturday, April 29, GMS 1097
Say hello to Karela, the cute and out-of-this-world programming educational robot. Inspired by Karel the Robot, Karela is an educational language that allows you to visually construct and execute programs in a simple and easy-to-use environment. Karela is here to make programming a breeze and to help you develop your coding skills in a fun and engaging way.

Jacob Shepherd
Train Tracking 9:25am, Saturday, April 29, GMS 1097
Train Tracking is a multiplayer game designed to make the complex topic of how computers manage shared resources easy to understand. With the real time motion of trains through a shared track we can better understand the motion of a program through shared memory.

Zach Smet
Speaking Game (SpeakSense) 10:05am, Saturday, April 29, GMS 1097
A dynamic word game that presents you with a daily selection of words to incorporate into your everyday conversations. Earn points as you weave these terms into your speech and ascend the leaderboards in this engaging linguistic challenge.

RJ Manning
Dynamic Tag Cloud 10:30am, Saturday, April 29, GMS 1097
Dynamic Tag Cloud is a web application that generates a visual representation of data using tags or words. The application allows users to input text and generates a tag cloud illustrating the most frequent words in the text. The visualization is interactive and dynamically updates when new text is input. Visual representation of data is essential in making complex data more accessible and understandable to users, and Dynamic Tag Cloud is a tool that provides a user-friendly interface for this purpose.

Joseph Davy
SNC Athletics Stress Survey & Database 12:05pm, Saturday, April 29, GMS 1097
SNC Athletics wants a nice and easy way to survey their athlete's stress on a weekly basis. I am in charge of making a mobile and user friendly survey that the athletes will receive in a notification each day. The survey will send the athletes answers to a database where they will be stored. In order for the coaches to access the information I have created a website that allows them to see the data and make decisions off of it. The hope is that SNC Athletics will be able to use this survey and database to more easily assess how their athletes are doing on a day to day basis.

Jadon Koegel
My Solar System Modeler 12:30pm, Saturday, April 29, GMS 1097
Modeling gravitational motion has been at the forefront of astronomical science since humans first started to record the movements of stars and planets. Newton is well known for pioneering the calculus-based approaches now used to model orbits, however algebra can be used to iterate orbits point by point to an amazing degree of accuracy. This web-based JS application allows users to create their own astronomical objects and observe their behavior in real time, as well as to change the current parameters of their gravitational system and see real time results. This application aims to teach users the principles underlying its algebra-based modeling algorithm and demonstrate how factors like mass, position, and velocity affect gravitational motion and time itself.

Ann Lozich
Hot or Not: A Gaze-Driven Heatmap Tool for Image Analysis 12:55pm, Saturday, April 29, GMS 1097
This project aims to develop an application that uses gaze data to make a heatmap of where you looked on an image. The application uses the Tobii Eye Tracker 5 to track the eye movements of the user and record the coordinates of their gaze on the image. The application will then generate a heatmap that shows the areas of the image that attracted the most attention from the user. This application can be useful for studying visual perception, attention, and aesthetics.

Morgan Wilson
VolleyVision (Codename: McVATS) 1:20pm, Saturday, April 29, GMS 1097
Volleyball is a fast-paced and complex sport, making it challenging for players and fans to analyze gameplay effectively when using just their eyes. VolleyVision is a tracking and visualization tool that uses computer vision technology to create a dynamic 2D animation of volleyball gameplay. By tracking the ball and player movements, VolleyVision can provide valuable information that can help coaches and fans better understand what really just happened. Overall, VolleyVision is a great tool for volleyball enthusiasts.