St. Norbert College CS 225 - Machine Organization - 2005
Projects Pics and Movies

Elizabeth Colletti and Eric Hilton
Where have all the women gone?  Unfortunately, all over the United States, including at SNC, there is a decreasing number of college women enrolled as computer science majors.  We set out, through the use of interviews, on-campus surveys, and research, to figure out why!  Based on our findings, we have devised a few solutions to this problem that could help raise the rates once again.  So please, tell us, where have all the women gone?!?!

Animation Kris Brown and John Sternig
Have you ever wanted to create animated characters like you see in cartoons and movies? Well, we’re here to give you a head start. We will go through the basic steps of creating a three-dimensional character using a free-downloadable program called Anim8or. You will learn how to create 3D models and then proceed to animate them. Through the examples and tutorials on our website and through our presentation, we hope that you get a feel for basic animation and are provided with the first stepping-stones on the journey to producing your own creations.

Chris Bostedt, Sam Buyarski, and Bryan Previte Encryption
Do you ever worry about the security of your emails and other online transactions such as shopping or banking? Are you afraid of identity theft? Encryption can help you! Encryption is the encoding of data so that only the people you want to see it can see it. Encryption is an important part of Internet and computer security, and can help keep your important email and online transactions private! Would you like to learn more about encryption? Come to our presentation or visit our web page where we will explain the basics of encryption and when and where to use it.  We will explain its inner workings and provide an example of a simple encryption algorithm that even you could create, so don’t miss it!

TI-89 Calculator Adrian Anderson and Trevor Swanson
Calculators. We love them, praise them, and constantly feed them the AAA batteries they desire so much, but what really makes it tick? Let us take you through a survey of the processor of the TI-89, a powerhouse among modern calculators. We will explain the basics of TI-assembly, how it works, and walk you through a program of our own creation.