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In the past few decades, animation has improved by
leaps and bounds. Three-dimensional animation, in
particular, has become increasingly prevalent in
industries such as those of advertisement and
entertainment. Through the use of 3D modeling,
creators of movies, video games, commercials, and
cartoons have literally created something from nothing.

Various programs are available for 3D modeling,
ranging from easy to use freeware that allows for more
basic modeling, to commercial software used for
movies and games. Using the more simple Anim8or
freeware, we were able to explore the world of 3D
modeling and animation, and although this site is not a
comprehensive guide, it does offer some of the
fundamentals. In this site you will find some of the
basics of 3D modeling, along with some key
terminology, product downloads to get you started,
step-by-step tutorials to guide you, and a few simple
examples of 3D animation. For more in depth
information on use of Anim8or, visit www.anim8or.com.