Project Leeroy


Definition of Robot Ė a machine which resembles a human and does mechanical routine tasks on command

Ours - a machine programmed to perform tasks through human control and/or a variety of sensors or other various inputs Robotics greatest use is performing repetitive task quick, fast and in a hurry

A Robots Greatest use is its ability to perform routine tasks with out fatigue quickly


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The Low Down on Leeroy Our ending result for Leeroy was a long grueling process mostly consisting of trial and error. In the beginning our idea was to create a tank, which would simply shoot something. With that in mind we created a tank and quickly found out that this was too simple and also the shooting/launching mechanism we created wasnít powerful enough for our liking. Now we did this many times, creating a robot and tearing it down because we didnít like it. Finally we came to the conclusion of which incorporated all ideas into one. This idea is Leeroy, a forklift type of contraption which runs on tank tracks and uses pinchers for lifting instead of forks.
Quicktime Movie - Leeroy drives forward and grabs a can, the can is detected by an infrared sensor. Leeroy then lifts the can and drives forward till it detects a wall infont of it by its light sensor and then drops the can. After can is dropped, Leeroy backs up and lowers his clamps.

LJ (Leeroy Junior) Leeroy Junior was created to show that we are able to create a robot that spins and seeks a can, however we were not able to do this with Leeroy because of weight limitations and engine strength. In the end, LJ is a fine tuned robot that is much more agile robot than Leeroy.
Quicktime Movie - LJ drives forward and stops when light sensor detects a change greater then 5%. LJ then reverses, spins and drives forward till it hits something, drives backwards and repeats . . .
Quicktime Movie - LJ spins in a circle until it detects the can and stops (also plays a song, however there is no sound).