CSCI 225-A
-Geoff Irving
-Alexander (Sasha) Popov
-Paul McEnaney
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This 2008 CSCI 225 Project is aimed at developing a basic understanding in modern robotics through exploration with Parallax Inc's Boe-Bot.
As part of the project we've looked at stamp processors, peripheral devices such as infrared, ultrasound, photo resistors, and bump sensors. Trying to use these devices has presented many interesting challenges.
John Moss in his senior project had already created some of the code for the Boe-Bot, so our goal was to examine and understand the implemented code, and to edit it for other purposes and other sensors .

About the Boe-bot
Boe-Bot is a small but very versatile robot designed by Parallax inc. for hobby and educational use. It uses a stamp processor, while all the coding is done in P-basic. The model has two powered wheels and a third wheel for balance, as well as many different peripherals which may be attached.

For our project we used an attached ultrasound sensor, to find and follow the nearest object. With the sensor, and our new design of the code, we were even able to make the Boe-Bot follow us down the hall and even through a doorway!  See the video demonstration on our Parallax Boe-Bot page.

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Overview of Parallax inc.
Parallax makes a wide variety of educational robots, including robots with wheels, robots with treads, even walking robots. In addition, they also sponsor robotics competitions for new and upcoming developers. >
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