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I was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and lived in Wisconsin until first grade. My family then moved to Yuma, Arizona and we were there until 1991 when we moved to Saudi Arabia. My parents are teachers and decided that they wanted to move overseas. While we were there, we took vacations to various countries such as Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. In Saudi Arabia, the schools only go up to ninth grade, so when I completed schooling in Saudi Arabia, I attended a boarding school in Leysin, Switzerland called Leysin American School in Switzerland. While attending this school, I had the opportunity to visit many countries around europe such as Italy, Portugal, and England. It was during my Junior year of high school that I took my first computer programming course, which was taught in Pascal. After I graduated high school in Leysin, Switzerland, I moved back to the United States where I am currently finishing out my Senior year at St. Norbert College. My interest in Computer Science grew deeper and deeper during my first year at St. Norbert's so I decided to declare it as my major. I first began to play with web development in that first year, but it was in January of 2001 that I discovered the internet was a great way to reach customers beyond the local community. I then began to develop my own site at http://www.ryjocustoms.com to help pay my bills. During the Summer of 2001, I bought a book on ASP and found a whole new realm of internet site possibilities. Through my experimentation with ASP and databases, I began to develop a free internet auction website at http://www.thebidd.com so that I could gain more experience in web development. This project has been a great learning experience for me and it made me realize that there are many different career paths that I would enjoy persuing in the field of Computer Science.