Welcome to the home page of Luke Opperman's CS460 senior project, a simulator for St. Norbert College's Computer-Controlled Railroad. The goal of the project is to provide a tool for current and future users to experiment and extend with the CCR, without needing to fiddle and maintain the physical hardware of the train system.

As such, the project consists of two major elements: a simulation of the hardware and dll-level interface, and a graphical display of the hardware state. Note that this is not a new operating system for the train; the simulator makes no attempts to avoid collisions, to stop a misbehaving train, etc. It will provide an interface for simulating erroneous conditions such as inoperative turnouts, dirty tracks, confused photocells, etc.

From here, please feel free to check out the specifications, design, and code of the simulator. A more informal look at the project can be found in my journal entries, updated weekly. Reading is a significant part of this course, and of my life in general; the state of my professional life is also closely involved with this course.