Mike Niccolai - Device Driver Development Kit


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Source Code

CS 460
Spring 2004
Michael Niccolai

Project Definition

Research and construct the St. Norbert College Device Driver Development Kit that provides guidelines and specific procedures for constructing device drivers for the Windows NT kernel

General Requirements:

Develop a tutorial: Anatomy of a Device Driver with code samples on driver basics explaining the components and functions of a kernel device driver.
Develop a manual: Building Device Drivers for Dummies that is easy to follow along with template code. Include simple repeatable applications and examples for beginners demonstrating each kind of driver.
Include utilities for adding a driver, testing/checking a driver, and removing a driver.

Topics should include:
Port drivers
Hardware timers
A global memory buffer
Low level drivers
Writing an ISR and DPC
Examples of Polled, Programmed I/O, and Interrupt Driven drivers
User level and I/O subsystem drivers
USB subsystem communication