CS 460 - Senior Capstone - Spring 2005

All Pictures Projects Seniors

John Karls moves his hand under the camera as we watch the mouse move on the screen above.
Kevin Trost points out how moving objects are identified in the images from two surveillance cameras placed on the desk.

Damian Wegner indicates where in the sidewalk we were, we are, and we are likely to be.
Matt Frohliger shows us how to set triggers in his software to send messages that step to the beat of the music.

Kevin Papreck tilts and turns the camera to display all the members of his audience.  

Sean Coenen describes the behavior of the robot in the video clip he is showing us.
Colleen explains how to connect the dots when sending a Quirky Wisconsin E-Card.

Karl Riehl COMmunicates to us how COMputers COMmunicate through COM ports. (Whew!)
  Brandon Pufall explains how to enter data into the Alumni Tracking System. Soon, he, too, will be an entry in the database.

Scott Clark takes a quick look at the monitor as a monster attacks his character in his MUD game.
Alex Slusarek zooms through his presentation on image scaling.