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John J. Karls
CS460 Capstone Project

Project Description:

Design assistive technology that will allow a person to control a mouse using a web cam.

General Requirements:
  1. Use an ordinary web cam as the input device.
  2. Use the movement or change of an object such as a finger or pencil to control the mouse. To help with the detection of the object an artificial environment can be used to create a contrast between the object and the background.
  3. A calibration method may be used to initially locate the object and the user can be restrained to boundaries within the frame of the camera.
  4. Filter out external "noise" such twitching or various light changes.
  5. Test the interface using existing applications and, of course, your own.
  6. Keep manual initialization at a minimum.
  7. Design experiments to analyze the accuracy of the interface.
  8. Analyze different techniques or methods to allow people to navigate a mouse.