Project Description:

Update and maintain the online faculty voting system

  • Determine the problems with the online voting system (hardware, software, support analysis)
  • Propose alternate solutions
  • Determine the scope of the project
  • Identify and follow the system analysis and design methodology to update the system.
  • Test the system at all levels
  • Provide Training
  • Update all documentation including study and design phase reports, testing documentation, manuals, and progress reports.

What we started with:

  • Project files that have been worked on for the past 7 years from other teams
  • Project Manual / CD

Suggestions for the next group:

  • Add JavaScript to allow for the committee name to be clicked to open the tree located on the header file of vote & nomination page where the user clicks the tree expand button (+).
  • More email option customization.
  • When a person selects a radio button on the main menu  make the page jump back to the same spot with the use of a HTML bookmark.
  • Guided step by step process like a wizard for the user.
  • Move the system to an offsite server.



Other Project Files: