Alumni Tracking System      
A CS460 capstone project by Ryan Maier

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Project description: The St. Norbert College Alumni Tracking System (SNC-ATS) will be a net-based system that primarily collects input data from St. Norbert graduates.  This data should include general personal and career-related information that will help current students gain insight on possible future choices and will help faculty keep track of past students while becoming better mentors and advisors.  The SNC-ATS will utilize Visual Basic which will communicate with an Access database.

Project requirements:
1. Analyze the system designed in 2005 in CS460 and BA345.
2. Primary users are computing faculty with Dr. McVey and Dr. Molnar as project leaders.
3. Identify and follow an appropriate system software development methodology.
4. Test the system at all levels.
5. Use the CS major program as the prototype.
6. ATS contains administrator, alumni, and public access.
7. Alumni can edit some of their own data subject to preview.
8. The system must be expandable.
9. Use a database management system and SQL to access it.
10. The database must be normalized to Boyce-Codd normal form.
11. If the .net platform is used, system development must closely follow Visual Studio 6 protocols.
12. Identify and verify user requirements.
13. Read about analysis issues from standard system development texts and write feasibility, study,
and requirements reports to be approved by the project leaders.
14. Construct DFD and ER diagrams that are approved by the project leaders.