The final version of the Railroad Simulator: Download (ZIP, 39 KB)
The final version of the Railroad Simulator, including all source code: Download (ZIP, 327 KB)
(The CCR Simulator was written in Visual Basic 2005. To download the Express Edition, that can be used to view and build the project, click here.)

The CCR Simulator's User Manual, complete with a demonstration of the simulator's features and complete instructions for doing productive work on the simulator. Download (DOC, 165 KB)

CommClient, my test program for setting up named pipes: Download (ZIP, 86 KB)

My PowerPoint presentation on the CCR Simulator: Download (PPT, 65 KB)

Chris Kratz's Train Operating System, modified to communicate with the CCR Simulator: Download (ZIP, 263 KB)
Chich Kratz's PipeTest, which I used to learn the basics of Windows named pipe communication: Download (ZIP, 16 KB)