A Senior capstone project

Project Overview


Welcome to my Senior Capstone Experience Website!


I am Van Le, a senior at St. Norbert College graduating in May, 2009. This is my final project for Computer Science Department. The goal of my project is to upgrade St. Norbert College's current running Facilities Energy Cost Management System.


The project's existence comes out of necessity. Visual Basic 6 runtime, by which the current system was written, is an old language that may not be supported by future versions of Windows. In addition, the current manager of the system will be retired soon. Hence, it is agreed that the system should be converted to C#, a more recent and popular language that is supported by .NET framework.


Other goals of the project are to remodel the database and to enhance the system based on Facilities Office's requests.


Feel free to navigate around to learn more about the goals of my project, the progress I am making, and more information about myself!

A 2009 Computer Science Capstone Experience by Van Le - St. Norbert College