St. Norbert College CSCI 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2011
  The Projects  

Benjamin Newman
Motion Tracking Robot 3:00pm, Thursday, April 28, Cofrin 209

The ability to track objects is a normal part of human vision. In computer vision, this ability is called blob detection. The CMUcam3, described by its developers at Carnegie Mellon University as a “programmable embedded color vision platform”, is able to process visual data much less quickly than a human or a desktop microcomputer is able to, but it can still track objects. This project builds upon a program developed at CMU for the CMUcam3 for color tracking and adds a frontend for Microsoft Windows.

Brodie Rueter
Arboretum Campus Tour Guide 3:35pm, Thursday, April 28, Cofrin 209

Last year a project looked into the mapping possibilities of the Android platform. So this year we wanted to continue with this project and apply it to a need on campus for an update to the arboretum listing. With the release of Google Maps 3.0 there is a uniform programming platform for both web and mobile, so I utilized this in my project. Since data collection is an ongoing process, there is also a new administrative backend that allows the entry and modification of data in the system.demand of electronic whiteboards is steadily rising every year.

Jeremiah Shrovnal
SNC Program Review System 4:10pm, Thursday, April 28, Cofrin 209

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness has been using PowerPoint to give faculty the yearly Program Review Data. My project involved analysis and design of possible routes for action, from rearranging the data to building a database that will allow for cross-departmental data-mining.

Alexander Popov
Cooperating Robots 6:00pm, Thursday, April 28, Cofrin 209
Would not it be nice to control your vacuum cleaner from your chair? iRobot Create is a stripped down version of the Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner. I designed and implemented a program to control the robot (and potentially a vacuum cleaner) from a computer. I also gave the robot some Artificial Intelligence so it can find its way back. Say you were not paying attention and your robot drove into the next room, no need to get up! It will come right back in a push of a button!

Roger Nault
SNC Tutor System 6:35pm, Thursday, April 28, Cofrin 209

The purpose of the project is to enhance a live, MySQL linked Visual BASIC application to meet the school’s ever-changing needs.  Including this is the planning, testing and implementation of moving the St. Norbert College Tutor System to a brand new, secure server. 

Matthew Chouinard
Android Cartoon Apps 7:10pm, Thursday, April 28, Cofrin 209

My project looks to investigate the capabilities given to software programmers to develop an Android app to open, save, and take pictures and then investigate algorithms to alter the pictures to become more cartoon like.


Erik VandeWalle
KTX Humanoid Applications 7:45pm, Thursday, April 28, Cofrin 209

This year the college acquired KTX-PC humanoid robots. The project involves utilizing the SDK to develop a C++ program which issues commands to the robot. The project also involves translating documentation on the robot from Japanese to English.