Saint Norbert College

2012 Senior Capstone Project



by HanQin(Caesar) Cai

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My name is Caesar Cai, this website is built for my Senior Capstone Project (CSCI460). My project is about Text Recognition, the target for this project is writing an application that identifies and recognizes printed text within an image. You may go to "My Project” section for full project requirements. Since this is a big project, I will work on the project for whole semester. I will keep update the journal every week, so you can see how do I work this project out.


The idea of character recognition was first raised by Gustav Tauschek in 1927. Now, the Text Recognition technology is very important to the modern world. It has been applied to many areas, i.e. digital library, Automatic Teller Machines, traffic control. Working with the translation software, the Text Recognition can even do instant translation! I believe this project will grow me a good understanding on the Text Recognition technology.



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Made by Caesar Cai, Feb. 1st 2012.