St. Norbert College CSCI 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2013
  The Projects  

Eric Sallmann
Scheduling Rides 3:00pm, Monday, April 22, Cofrin 015

I created a mock visualization and analytical support application system that assists taxi drivers in effectively transporting their riders. Using C# in conjunction with GMap.NET and GeoCoding.NET, this application will allow a driver to efficiently make decisions on what customers to pick up and when based on their location relative to the destination locations of their passengers.

Hussam AlMoharb
Circuit Editor 3:30pm, Monday, April 22, Cofrin 015

Logic Gates is a web based application to design and test logic circuits. Using this software makes it easy to follow the logic of Boolean expressions. It includes several logic gates such as AND, OR, NOT and XOR.

Michael Klosiewski
Visualizing Data 4:00pm, Monday, April 22, Cofrin 015

I have developed a set of programs that counts the words in a data file, gives access to the original context of the most common words, and uses that access to give rise to a search mechanism by which one can quickly access parts of the original data that pertain to the words in question, presumably the most important words in the file. The program set works off of raw text data, and specializes in working with large files.

Danielle Berchmans
CCR Simulator 4:30pm, Monday, April 22, Cofrin 015
The purpose of this project is to design a computer simulated railroad that allows users to design their own track, customize multiple trains with different colors, speeds and directions, and simulate movement of multiple trains.

Matthew Johnston
Tracking Locations 6:00pm, Monday, April 22, Cofrin 015

This project takes a look at the age-old question, where are the guests? Through an individual system to enter your location and Google Maps, people will be able to see your progress towards the destination party. Not only can others track you, but you can see your directions and also know what kind of progress you are making. So you can see where you are going how to get there and others can see where they are so they can join or monitor you.

Joseph Stawicki
Robotic Guides 6:30pm, Monday, April 22, Cofrin 015

The use of robotic guidance to help a person get from point A to point B is becoming increasing popular, especially in larger buildings such as assisted living facilities. The Turtlebot is a personal robot that uses the iRobot Create and a Kinect sensor. It uses open-source software, including a SLAM algorithm and the Robot Operating System, to navigate around a house or building. I implemented the use of the Turtlebot which could guide an individual between different locations within an area, just by the click of a mouse.


Mary Spies
Computer Science Kiosk 7:00pm, Monday, April 22, Cofrin 015

Potential students taking tours of St. Norbert College probably don't hear a lot about the Computer Science department. This project would like to remedy that, with an interactive kiosk that interested students could try quickly and easily just by accessing browsers on their Smartphones or tablets. My project consists of a game with trivia questions about the department, Computer Science in general, and the school itself.


Matteo Toffolon
Train Operating System 7:30pm, Monday, April 22, Cofrin 015