St. Norbert College St Norbert College Computer Science
CSCI 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2014

  The Projects  

Jordan Peart
CCR Simulator 3:30pm, Thursday, May 1, Cofrin 202

This application allows users to create and simulate situations involving a computer controlled railroad system. Tracks and trains can be added and given unique characteristics to visualize scenarios including, racing conditions, multi-tasking and design flaws. The simulator allows for customization and real-time display of the movement and repercussions of certain error conditions

Ryan Abendroth
Door to Door Scheduling 3:30pm, Thursday, May 1, Cofrin 202

Senior citizens increasingly desire transportation to locations around their respective communities. Through this project, public transportation administrators can determine the best method of getting passengers picked up and delivered on time and what routes the drivers should take.

Miles Lamensky
Cartoon App 4:00pm, Thursday, May 1, Cofrin 202

Cartoon Application combines Sobel line-detection algorithms as well as image quantization techniques in order to render a chosen image ‘cartoony.’ The application allows users to alter line detection sensitivity as well as the number of colors being used. The Cartoon App offers a viable code-driven alternative to the otherwise tedious hand drawn technique, as seen in the film Waking Life

Quang Bui
Visual Music Conductor 6:00pm, Thursday, May 1, Cofrin 202
User interaction has changed significantly in recent years. Touch based interaction has especially become a common method. However, touch screens have several problems such as leaving a screen full of fingerprints. My solution uses real-time image processing and machine vision algorithms to track a user’s hand gestures and convert them into commands. These commands can be used to control functions and applications. This opens a whole new way to interact with your PC and tablet not by touching but waving your hand.

Nathan Heppe
Voice Editor 6:30pm, Thursday, May 1, Cofrin 202

When people speak they have specific intentions as to what they are trying to communicate to each other. What if it was possible to record someone and then reorder what they had just said? A less sinister application might be reformulating your physician’s speech so you receive advice from a nurse but in your doctor’s own voice. My project focuses on developing a voice editor which allows you to create snippets and then paste them together to make completely different sentences and meanings.

Cory Hahn
SNC Tour Guide 7:00pm, Thursday, May 1, Cofrin 202

The SNC Tour Guide is a mobile Android application that enables the user to easily locate points of interest around the St. Norbert College campus. The application shows a map of campus and an index of points of interest that tie into the map. Users may select which point of interest they would like to view and the map will take them to that particular point. The application also provides information and related links to the college website about each point of interest. An administrative component allows future modifications to be easily handled.


David Ferris
Visualizing Text 7:30pm, Thursday, May 1, Cofrin 202

My goal was to develop an application that can analyze a large text sample like comments on surveys and provide an easy-to-understand overview of the text’s content. To accomplish this goal, I have developed two pieces of software. The first, a C++ application, reads a text file and determines the most commonly used words. It also tracks the context in which the words were used in the text. The second piece of software is a web page that uses PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to display the results in a format that is easy to understand.


Brandon Fox
Robot Guides 8:00pm, Thursday, May 1, Cofrin 202

The use of robots to automate tasks has become more popular in recent years. There are many different kinds of robots that can be taught to perform a variety of tasks. Software such as (Robot Operating System) makes it easy to communicate and modify robots to perform tasks for people.