Puzzle Master

The Project

Here’s your chance to solve a new jigsaw puzzle each day based on your personal collection of pictures. Make the puzzle as easy or as difficult as you wish. Time your solution and challenge a friend to beat your lightning speed. It’s the only puzzle you will own that won’t end up with missing pieces.


Create an application for jigsaw puzzle addicts that creates fun puzzles and allows you to solve them.


  1. Create puzzles from galleries of pictures.
    • Allow a user to upload a picture of their choice
    • Be able to make a puzzle from any image
  2. Select the number of pieces.
    • Give the user a variety of options for number of puzzle pieces
  3. Snap pieces into place.
    • Lock two pieces together when they're matching and close enough in distance
    • Show some sort of animation to make it obvious to the user that the pieces locked together
  4. Animate an auto-solution.
    • Show the user the correct solution by moving pieces together one at a time until the puzzle is finished
  5. Completed puzzle option.
    • Have a way to display the image when working on the puzzle as a reference
  6. Full screen mode.
  7. Shuffle the pieces.
    • Pieces should be randomly shuffled at the start
  8. Start over.
  9. Auto save to return later.
    • A user is able to create an account so they can login and view any unfinished puzzles
  10. Rotate option.
    • Pieces rotate 90 degrees at a time
    • Pieces start with a random orientation
  11. Display only edges.
  12. Display only pieces that are “close” to a selected color.
    • Have the user select a piece and show any pieces close to the color of that piece
  13. Can the app create puzzles more challenging than others?
    • Possible create multiple options for shape and size of the pieces
  14. Solution is timed.
    • A timer is always displayed while working on a puzzle and the final time is displayed

Pert Chart