St. Norbert College CSCI 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2020
  The Projects  

All demonstrations were held via Google Meet. Thanks to all who attended!

Olivia Alberts
Where's My School Bus? 9:00am, Saturday, May 9

An important part of being a parent is making sure their child gets to and from school safely. For many parents, this means being there when their child gets on and off the school bus. However, if a bus is running late or not coming at all, time is of the essence because many parents must get to work. Where's My School Bus is a mobile app that solves this problem by telling parents when their child's school bus will arrive.

Nate Cadotte
eParking 9:25am, Saturday, May 9
Don't waste any more time circling lots looking for a parking spot. eParking is an Android application that allows users to visualize parking lots and find an open spot without having to circle around. Users also have the ability to pay for a spot that they have just taken. Don't need a spot now? Users are also able to reserve a certain parking spot at a date and time of their choosing.

Alan Deuchert
SNC Lab Bot 9:50am, Saturday, May 9
If you're like me, you always wanted an easier way to control an RC car. Now, you can do it with your computer! The "SNC Lab Bot" has been made with easy-to-use control in mind, whether you are giving it a destination, or doing it all by yourself. Even more, it makes sure that you won't directly run into anything while on its travels!

Samuel Fletcher
Musical Lightshow 10:15am, Saturday, May 9
This project allows users to import music and play it back. Users are able to create a “lightshow” of events that happen on the screen at specific times in the music. These events appear on the viewer and can be controlled through different aspects of the control panel, whether it is changing the event, location, or duration.

Kyle Girard
Geo-Pacman 11:00am, Saturday, May 9
This is a take on the classic game of Pacman. The feel and core gameplay design is the same, but the map that the game is played on is a modified version of a map from Google Maps.

Mark Nichols
Security Cameras: Visually Vigilant 11:25am, Saturday, May 9
When you have important belongings, you want them secured properly. A correctly built security camera system offers you peace of mind, providing a watchful eye at all times. This application allows the user to draft their own room, complete with walls, cameras, and obstacles, save their work, and revisit existing rooms. There is even a built in algorithm that determines the current percent of the room covered by cameras, and the minimum number of cameras needed to view every square inch, making sure your belongings are safe.

Sydney Pfotenhauer
Where are You From? 11:50am, Saturday, May 9
Do you ever wonder where people are from that visit St. Norbert College? With this project, you will be able to locate people based on the information that you enter. This application adds a pin on the map with your name attached. Everyone who enters their data has it stored, so each pin on the map represents the various people who have visited the College. So, you too can enter your hometown information and be added to the map.

Tyler Sobacki
Animating Wisco Data 12:15pm, Saturday, May 9
Being informed on current issues is always important, especially when it comes to those issues that affect all across the globe. This project aims to simplify the retrieval of such information with a smaller scope and, in doing so creates an easier way to view relative data, without the tedious task of scrolling through tables and graphs.