Recognizing Text in Images


This blog is where I will be making posts of my progress on my project.


This contains both a downloadable PDF of my resume and my philosophical statment of what I enjoy most about being a computer science student.


This is my description of my projects specifications baised on the criteria that was given to me by my professor.


This will have ideas of how I am going to move forward as I progress through the project.

Latest Posts

Search and Picture Taking

I implemented the ability to search the results that were found in the image as a google search and also made it possible to freeze a single frame when in the Live-Video mode so that the user is not required to stay completely still while using the program. Another part that I implemented this week was the pop-up box when the mouse hovers over a certain part of the application with a description of what it is or does. Read More

Implementing the Camera

This week I worked on the implementation of the camera into my project. It went smoother than I was expecting it to however I found some information on Tkinter which made the processes easier. I am now able to switch from the camera and openable photos on the fly dust by clicking a button. The camera also already displays what it has read since I am making the same function call, but it is instead called at a set interval of time. Read More

Improving Recognition

The next steps I have made in my program is adding a text box that displays the text found with the given confidence percentage with the tesseract algorithm. Another improvement that I made was hacing uniform scaling with the images after importing. I gave them a set hieght and the width changes depending on what the aspect ratio of the image is. Read More