St. Norbert College CSCI 460 - Capstone Experience - Spring 2022
  The Projects  

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Michael Stanaszak
Feedback by Location 10:00am, Thursday, April 28, STW 013

Hospitals, Schools, Office buildings and Healthcare buildings are all notorious for being mazes. Such a small device, Bluetooth beacons, offers a very simple way to route users to and from their desired locations and give an efficient solution to this problem.

Gabriel Olsen
Evaluating Historical Financial Data 10:25am, Thursday, April 28, STW 013
The goal of this project is to go out and find historical data for stocks and bonds. Then allow the user to create a portfolio with these assets and see how they would have done over a period of time if they invested in those assets.

Hayden Schuh
E-Parking 10:50am, Thursday, April 28, STW 013
This project consists of an Android application for users and a Windows application for administrators. The Android application lets users choose a lot to reserve a parking spot for a date and time. Users can also add parking credits to their account, add personal vehicles, and view details about their current reservations. The Windows application gives parking administrators the ability to view parking data and query the database.

Olivia Eisch
Eye Tracking Read Aloud 9am, Saturday, April 30, GMS 1097
While teaching a child to read, it is often beneficial if the child hears and sees the words at the same time. This application utilizes the Tobii Eyetracker 5 to allow the reader to choose the first word of the page, and have the page read back to them. This also highlights the words as they are spoken and encourages critical thinking by asking thought-provoking questions to the reader at the end of each page.

Nicole Pfotenhauer
Photo Memories 9:25am, Saturday, April 30, GMS 1097
We take pictures to remember the memories we make with friends and family. This app allows you to relieve those memories. The user is given a choice on what type of pictures they would like to see in their personalized photo album. After their photo album is created, they are given the choice to view it and edit it so they can have an album that allows them to relive those moments just as they remember them.

Easten Wember
Stress Detection 10:10am, Saturday, April 30, GMS 1097
Feeling stressed, anxious, or sad sometimes is a part of everyday life, especially for college students. Your stress levels can impact your heart rate or your overall activity and movement. My applications look at data from Apple's HealthKit such as heart rate and give suggestions to a user based off of this data.

Marie Smith
Picture to Paint by Number 10:35am, Saturday, April 30, GMS 1097
Have you ever wished you could turn pictures of your pets into works of art? This is something you will be able to achieve with my paint by number generator. My project alters image data so a user is able to upload a photo from their computer and turn it into a paint by number. The user is able to save and print both the empty paint by number, and the colored in paint by number to view later.

Will Hammann
VR Billiards 12 noon, Saturday, April 30, GMS 1097
Have you ever wanted to play a nice game of pool but not want to associate with people at dive bars? Then I have the perfect VR game for you. Through the power of the Unity game engine and s everal prayers, I bring you VR Billiards: The solution to scrounging together four quarters to play a game of pool at a pub! With this game, you can enjoy all the fun of the game of pool in the comfort of your own home. Using C# scripts you can spend your day making trick shots and ricochet pool balls around a pool table in virtual reality! Channel your inner pool shark and dive into the world of VR Billiards!

Cassie Nooyen
Animating Climate Data 12:25pm, Saturday, April 30, GMS 1097
Most people have heard that the Earth's temperature is rising as a result of global warming, but have you ever wondered what the data backing this claim looks like? With the click of a button, this web-based application allows you to see the temperature over the past 250 years animated sequentially. You can view data for either summer or winter. You can also decide if you want to see the average temperature for each year, how much the temperature has changed since a certain year, or the difference from year to year.

Lauren Pamperin
Karaoke Editor 12:50pm, Saturday, April 30, GMS 1097
Have you ever wanted to sing karaoke but didn't have a karaoke machine or wanted to sing your own lyrics to a song? This desktop application allows you to do just that. Start from scratch to create and edit your own karaoke-style lyrics and then save them for future use. You can also use existing lyrics to start singing right away. This application also allows you to choose your own music to sing along to, allowing you to get as creative as you would like.