Project Details

VR Billiards 

As a kid, BMVP spent hours shooting pool in the basement of her childhood home, sometimes on an old billiards table and other times on an old bumper pool table. She now “shoots pool” with an Android app which certainly does not compare to the real thing.

Project Description

Develop a VR application that allows a player to “shoot some pool”.   

General Requirements

  1. Determine how the player will control the cue stick 
  2. Provide for various number of balls on the table
  3. Use correct angles, velocity, spin, etc …
  4. Allow the player to quit and/or restart 
  5. Set up some trick shots for the player to try.
  6. Provide appropriate sound effects.
  7. Make it fun and exciting.

Foreseeable Difficulties

VR is a completely new environment for me and I know physics is going to haunt me until the end of this project. I am going to start with the basics of VR and see if that makes things less terrifying.